What’s your career story?

Over the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration weekend my conversations spanned the historical, the present and the future.  I exchanged observations with total strangers, anecdotes with family, jokes and belly laughs with friends. We spoke about where we were and what we did during the various decades represented by the Jubilee, the clothes we wore, the (sometimes ill-advised) hair styles we sported with pride! As we shared cakes, sandwiches, drinks and other mouthwatering goodies, we were connecting (and in some cases, re-connecting) with each other through the telling and re-telling of our stories.

In much the same way, our careers are the stories of our working lives which help us to make strong emotional connections with others.  They help us to transform the dry facts into engaging accounts of the challenges and successes we have had.  Our careers are also interwoven with our personal experiences and provide a mosaic of who we are.  They show the milestones we have reached and the accomplishments we have made. Our stories help to capture the attention and reach the imagination of our many audiences. When we network we provide an insight into our story. When we attend for interview, we should be telling our stories. When we deliver a service we are demonstrating a part of our story.

Your career  story helps you to shape others’ experience of ‘you’ in that moment. So, if you are changing careers, re-focusing your path, defining your career purpose, what are the gems in your story?


  • Is it developing mutually beneficial relationships?
  • One of exceeding expectations?
  • One of delivering excellence?
  • Do you work well under pressure?
  • Do you demonstrate integrity in all you do?
  • Are you persistent, purposeful and passionate?
  • Do you motivate and inspire others with your story?

Your career story is uniquely yours, only you can tell it your way.  You ought not to be hesitant or fearful in telling it! Your experience and your sharing of it contributes to the bigger picture and may help someone else along the way.

I hope that you continue to develop fuller, richer, long lasting stories and that they are shared with much enthusiasm. Let your stories demonstrate the jewels in your Crown.

Until next blog, Denise

About Denise Meade-Hill

Denise is a Career Transition Coach supporting individuals through their professional development journey. She is passionate about helping career changers to find roles that fulfil their purpose as they prepare to thrive in their careers. Her Career Planner... take your next steps with confidence is a handy, easy to use resource to get you started on achieving your goals for professional change. Get your copy here. https://careertransitionsdmh.co.uk/career-planner/