Set yourself earnestly to discover what you are made to do, and then give yourself passionately to the doing of it. Martin Luther King, Jr

Unsure of your career direction?

Feeling in a rut?

At a cross-road?

Find out how career coaching can help to bring clarity to your goals and equip you with the tools to confidently navigate your career pathway. We talk about the benefits of having a career plan in the Ask the Expert (pg 20) feature for the Life In Orpington magazine.

If you’re facing a redundancy, seeking a career change, returning to work after a career break or thinking about self-employment, we provide the support you need to define your career goals so that you can make positive change to your working life.

Throughout our time together you will be provided with analysis of the Labour Market to aid your job search efforts, insight into how to access the ‘hidden job market’ , networking tips to maximise your connections, guidance on ways to present your CV and steps in how to ace interviews.

As the Coachee you are always in control of the outcomes to suit you. My coaching is framed in the person-centred context which facilitates insight to produce the desired change. As your Coach I respect your expertise in your life and actively practice unconditional positive regard, (Rogers 1957) through reflective techniques. You will be helped to produce a career plan that works for you.

With my professional support you will approach career change confidently while you get back on track. If you find yourself going in circles and not achieving the results you want, get in touch to find out how we can help. Download your FREE Career Skills framework here.

Set aside the time and resources, now, to assess your values, skills, interests and motivations, and take the necessary steps to get your career on track.

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