3Ps of the interview:

Preparation… Presentation… Presence

The best interviews are conversations! Your challenge is to avoid the broken question and answer format and have a purposeful, positive conversation that flows well.

Interview skills

In this fun and interactive session, you will learn how to confidently show up in the interview as an active participant and to be the ‘best you’.

The session covers the type of research required to prepare for the interview, your self-awareness, effective communication skills and answering tricky or unusual questions during the interview. Knowing your value-proposition is key to winning that new job.

We will address the different types of interviews:

Transitions Career ManagementOne-to-One Interviews

Transitions Career ManagementPanel interviews

Transitions Career ManagementGroup interviews

Transitions Career ManagementAssessment Centre interviews

Transitions Career ManagementInformational Interviews

Transitions Career ManagementPresentation Interviews

We will also consider the adjustments you need to make for online video interviews or telephone interviews to let your personality shine. Remember… people buy people!

Be memorable for the right reason!!