We embrace change to produce a positive, uplifting and exhilarating experience! We want to help you confidently manage your approach to changes in your personal and professional life. Throughout our time together, we create a safe space for you to reflect on where you are and the career goals you would like to achieve.

Transitions Career Management Have you been made redundant and considering new opportunities?

Transitions Career Management Are you employed but feeling bored with your current role and seeking to move on?

Transitions Career Management Are you a graduate thinking about getting your first job?

Are you returning to work after a career break and unsure of your strengths or skills?

Transitions Career Management Have your personal circumstances changed requiring you to seek new employment or new direction?

Transitions Career Management Are you an employer looking for cost-effective outplacement support for your employees?

In order to move into the ‘new you’ and experience your ‘new opportunities’ , you will need to make a transition from the old way of doing things. Our boutique service equips you to take those next steps so that you can confidently respond to the rapidly changing environment around you.

The Transition processhow we work with you

Since we all manage change differently, your coaching session will start with looking at where you are and where we can help you to address any self-limiting beliefs and self-doubt that may sabotage your efforts of success. Each stage of your progress is celebrated as you move in the direction of the positive results you seek.

Our individual or group coaching sessions can help you identify your combination of skills, talents and abilities to produce something beautiful – a bit like producing a tapestry – the material is there, all you have to do is weave it into a beautiful picture like only you can!

So, whether you are seeking help because of externally imposed factors e.g. a redundancy, a career break or whether you are choosing to pursue a career change, we would like to work with you to make your transitions a positive and fulfilling experience.

Let’s take that step today! Stop by and Meet your coach!