Specialist workshops for individuals or businesses

Are you an employee or job seeker seeking support with skills development?

 For the individual, our workshops focus on the essential skills to enhance your personal and professional development.

  • Personal Effectiveness – our workshops on  Effective Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Time Management, Goal setting and Motivation, Strengths Analysis and Personal Branding, Confidence Building might be just the ticket to enhance your employees’ effectiveness in the workplace.
  • Career Planning Workshops – assess your next steps by identifying job interest, transferable skills, areas for development,  alignment with the job or role, CV preparation – all the tools needed for your employees to successfully function in the workplace.
  • Job Search Workshopsbe strategic approach to your job search. This workshop is aimed at those who are unsure of the Employment Landscape and who may need to take some time to really think through what type of role they need.
  • Liberating Redundancyour signature workshop focuses on the freedom a redundancy can provide so that you can create the life you want, whether that is employment, self-employment or other life choices.

Are you an employer seeking to enhance your business performance?

In today’s business environment it is imperative that you and your employees are equipped to add value to the customer experience. Look ahead and start planning to invest in the type of skills and knowledge you need to help you meet your business goals.  We will work with you to develop a cost effective, bespoke package tailored to meet your business needs.

  • Essential Management  –   looks at the fundamentals of effective people management and development,  and team working. This workshop is aimed at those who are new to management or supervisory roles and will help to develop strategies for working successfully with others.
  • Learning and Development Consultancy – we provide a consultancy service that focuses on identifying gaps through Learning Needs Analysis, workshop facilitation, evaluation of learning, implementation of Performance Management processes and advice in developing a training plan to help your employees meet their performance objectives.

Whatever your business or personal development needs, our solutions will help to boost your efforts. We do this by listening to your concerns, discussing the key areas that need to be addressed and providing professional support for the implementation of your plans..