ML was an IT Technical Engineer referred to my service as part of an outplacement contract brought about by the impact of Covid19 on the business operations. He was quite apprehensive about the prospect of looking for a new job having been in his previous role for over 15years.

The missing piece

Coachee feedback: “… thank you for your invaluable help and advice over the last few months. I found the sessions very useful and gained a lot of insight during the redundancy / job seeking process. I would not have made this progress without your support”.

Support Provided:

Over a series of 4 sessions, we explored his preferences for new work and his desire to use this time to re-evaluate what he wanted from a future opportunity. Mapping his values and aspirations for career growth helped ML to assess the range of job opportunities available to him.

A Strengths Profile assessment revealed new skills areas that he had not used in his previous job but which he was interested in exploring going forward. He felt that the assessment delivered a true insight into his bank of technical and people skills, and also his personal attributes that focused on his “way of being” in the workplace. Focused job applications helped to keep momentum, build motivation and confidence in his suitability for the roles which led to interview offers.


After successfully interviewing for two roles, ML had the choice of selecting the employer, the role and combined future prospects offered to make an informed decision on the job that suited him.

Client feedback: “I just wanted to to let you know that the whole experience was really great from my perspective. ML immediately understood the benefit and I think made full use of the advice you were able to offer. Although it was not ideal having to go through the redundancy process, this coaching I think helped it become a quite positive experience and hopefully ML will be happier in his new role.” Managing Director