Your Career Coach, Denise Meade-Hill helping you to focus your efforts for successful job search.


Thanks for dropping by! It’s nice to see you here.

I truly believe that a satisfying career is within everyone’s grasp so my aim as your Coach is to help you achieve your goals so that you can …let your light shine“. Having successfully coached candidates through various career pathways over the past 10 years, I wholeheartedly believe that career coaching is an effective process that brings clarity about what you want from your working life.

Why work with me?

Firstly, I understand your experience of facing change in tumultuous times! I have crossed those paths too. I have been through several restructuring/ down-sizing/ right-sizing programmes. I have taken career breaks and have also experienced a redundancy so can empathise with you there.

Secondly, whether the changes have been sought or imposed, it’s quite challenging trying to navigate big changes on your own. I believe that it makes sense to get the right help at the right time.

Change can be emotionally taxing and at times impact on your decision making on what to do next. However, I am a passionate believer in the power of positive thinking and combine that with wellbeing support to help you re-program your mindset and visualise the positive opportunities ahead of you. My vision is to help my coachees achieve a life of purpose.

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I hold a Postgraduate qualification in Careers Management and Coaching, and have trained in Transformational Career Coaching. As an Accredited EMCC Senior Practitioner Coach and a Registered Career Development Professional with the Career Development Institute, I adhere to the professions’ Code of Ethics and uphold my proficiency to practice through ongoing Continuous Professional Development. I actively contribute to the EMCC UK membership where I co-host the Career Coaching and Mentoring Special Interest Group. As an Accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner I assess your strengths and what energises and sets you apart as you seek to progress in your desired role.

Give me a call to find out more. Let’s make those transitions!


Career Transition Coach and Trainer, BSc (Hons) Biol Sc.| PGDip/MSc Career Management | RCDP | Accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner | Adviser, Enterprise Nation | EMCC Senior Practitioner | co-host EMCC UK Career Coaching and Mentoring SIG | Associate Career Transition Coach Connor Consultancy and CareerWorx

Professional Indemnity: We are covered by professional indemnity and adhere to professional ethical guidelines of the CDI, and the EMCC and as stated in the Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy, BACP.

Data Protection: All information is held in strict confidence whether in electronic, printed or recorded format in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR. We are registered with the ICO.