Our all-inclusive service covers everything you need to help you confidently chart your onward journey through change.


Logo Inspire Achieve Succeed ThumbnailCareer Coaching for career planning, career change, career management and self-employment

Logo Inspire Achieve Succeed ThumbnailStrengths Profile Assessment helps you to identify the skills that energises you, that you use often and that you use well – in work and in your personal life

Logo Inspire Achieve Succeed ThumbnailGoal setting and Action Planning to help keep you on track;

Logo Inspire Achieve Succeed ThumbnailPersonal Branding to help you highlight your strengths;

Logo Inspire Achieve Succeed ThumbnailCV Review/ Preparation, Personal Statements, Biography presentations

Logo Inspire Achieve Succeed ThumbnailInterview Skills Preparation for making a positive impact in-person or online

Logo Inspire Achieve Succeed ThumbnailLabour Market Information guides your understanding of the opportunities available across industries, professions and sectors

Logo Inspire Achieve Succeed ThumbnailJob Search guidance for effective steps to access job opportunities including the hidden job market. Download your FREE Job Search checklist!

Logo Inspire Achieve Succeed ThumbnailNetworking hints and tips to expand your circle of contacts in-person and online;

Logo Inspire Achieve Succeed ThumbnailWorkshops specifically tailored to help you take control of your career. In these masterclass sessions you will discover a clear plan and strategy for moving on in your career.

Logo Inspire Achieve Succeed ThumbnailEffective Onboarding for the first 90days in the new job;

Coaching Packages:

BRONZE – Introductory service if you’re returning to work after a Career Break and you’re not sure where to start this may be the prompt to help you get back on your feet.

SILVER – If you’re making decisions on Career Pathways after a redundancy or if you are considering career change options, a tailored Silver package can help you to explore whether employment or self-employment may be preferred

GOLD– targetted full-suite package to boost to your efforts and eliminate frustration. In addition you are supported throughout the first 90 days in your new role to help you get off to a strong start.

Our services are interlinked and can be tailored to suit your career goals. Get in touch to find out more.