we are excited to announce that, due to the challenging CV19 job market and the ongoing demand for outplacement services over the last few months, we are now actively collaborating with a team of CDI accredited Career professionals!

Under the umbrella of CareerWorx, we are offering professional, cost-effective outplacement services. CareerWorx , a boutique consultancy specialising in outplacement gives employees access to a team of registered and qualified coaching professionals. The service will also give businesses peace of mind that they’re giving their outgoing employees the very best start to the next stage of their career; and that they are maintaining their professional reputation. The bespoke range of support services are affordable and can be tailored to meet business’s immediate needs.

Lisa LaRue, RCDP , Lynn Tulip, RCDP and Denise Meade-Hill, RCDP have several years experience working in this field and are active career and employability practitioners. All three consultants are Registered Career Development Professionals with the Career Development Institute and are proud of their pedigree, values and ethos.

We look forward to hearing from you and being able to support you.