Job searching? 5 tips to make the shortlist

Did you know that employers are increasingly relying on social media and Internet search engines to supplement their knowledge of a candidate?

Is it time to clean up your social networking profile? The content can either help or hinder your job search efforts. So… here are my top tips to ensure that you give yourself the best possible chance of getting to the shortlisting stage.

5 tips to make the shortlist

Convey a professional image: remove anything from your social media presence that will detract from what you will bring to the job;

Demonstrate that you have the relevant skills for the employer that you are interested in working with;

Show that you have a good understanding of the employer’s business;

Show how your knowledge will be an asset to the business;

Interact positively with the target company’s social media links;

Research shows that :

  • 52% of employers checked out job candidates details on social media
  • 62% of employers checked Facebook
  • 45% of employers checked Twitter
  • 44% of employers checked LinkedIn
  • 22% of employers checked Google Plus
  • 9% of employers checked Instagram
  • 8% of employers checked Pinterest

According to the survey, of those who researched candidates on social media, 42 per cent have found content that caused them to not hire the candidate and 18 per cent have found content that made them think twice about hiring the candidate.
*Career Builder 2018

Until next post… go  make those transitions.

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