The missing piece!


Two senior-level candidates were referred to Transitions as part of an Outplacement Service for  Middle and Senior manager roles. The aim of the requested support was to help the client manage employee transitions,  after the candidates’ long careers spanning more than 20 years.


One-to-one coaching for two Senior Managers was provided as their existing efforts had not resulted in job interviews or job offers which began to affect their performance and motivation. Following an initial meeting, we discussed the current changes in the Industry and their awareness of the labour market and it’s impact on their roles of interest. This discussion considered the unique strengths of each candidate and their fit with the new job environment.

Using the GROW model, we outlined the steps that could be considered to progress their job search initiatives. This included completion of a strengths-based Psychometric assessment which helped to shape our discussions and provide a guide for career development and job search opportunities. It also addressed motivational factors to keep them engaged with the job search process.

“… an objective platform providing the opportunity for time and space to assess career paths”

We discussed a range of career options covering full-time employment, interim roles and self-employed consultancy roles. Further support included CV reviews tailored for each job role and guidance on updating their LinkedIn profiles to give a compelling overview of their experience and performance which helped to attract the attention of recruiters and head hunters.

Coaching focused on active interviewing to demonstrate their range of transferable skills. Throughout the job search each coachee was given positive reinforcement and feedback to help motivate and keep them on track.

“I felt motivated, focused and clear about my capabilities to contribute to the new role”

Finally, on securing their desired roles they were guided with developing an operational onboarding plan for their first 100 days in their respective roles.


Both candidates secured interviews comprising of job options that provided the stretch and challenge required to keep them motivated in the prospective new roles.

Bob* accepted a new job offer at an executive level within the timescale agreed.

Jack* was offered two positions with a new employer, one at a more senior position than initially applied for

Client feedback: … I felt it was an objective and accessible platform which provided the opportunity for time and space to assess career paths. I felt motivated, focused and clear about my capabilities to contribute to the new role and in repositioning myself for future opportunities”.

*names have been changed for confidentiality