Jobsearching? Shake it up!!

If you are following the more … let’s say ‘traditional approach’ to job searching, then you need to rethink your strategy.

“Does your standard job search look like this?”

  • Register with a recruitment agency or with online Job Boards,
  • Complete the online application form or upload your newly created/revamped CV and covering letter,
  • Sit back and wait for a response.

Well, this is how NOT to engage in job searching. This approach simply will not do! Things and times have changed on the job search front… or perhaps it was ever thus for those in the know. Be clear about what you want from a job and what you have to offer the employer. Do your research so that you can engage effectively with the recruitment processes.

Get up to  speed with some of the newer recruitment practices 

  • Pipe Lining, have you heard of it? Recruiters are ‘pipe lining’ candidates ( a new take on head hunting)  with the right skills and the right fit for the industry and the job,  using networking and social media, such as LinkedIn to help them identify candidates for new roles. Do you have a LinkedIn profile? What does it say? Alternatively, internal candidates e.g. Interns who have previously worked for the company are likely to be offered a job opportunity when it arises as they have an easily checked track record.
  • Referrals is a common way to secure a new job so don’t hold back on letting people know the kind of work you are searching for. What are your network connections like? This is the right time to expand your network to find those with close connections to your role of interest.
  • Speed-dating events for jobs targeting a specific industry are making advances in recruitment (probably an extension of the milk round for graduates). So, if you want to work in Hospitality, Marketing, Health and Social Care, for example,  you need to find out when businesses in this sector are holding open days, networking events, information sessions, exhibiting at industry shows and so on. Be where they are and connect. Be ready for on-the-spot interviews.
  • Speed interviewsAre you ready for this? Hold on to your hat! Just over half an hour after starting your online application you can be invited for an interview. As you complete the application form, the computer software analyses your skills and other job related content and determines your fit for the role. You may then be offered an interview just as you complete the form!!

So folks, job searching is not the dull chore that many make it out to be. Things are changing … fast. Keep the momentum going for successful job search.

Until next blog… go make those transitions!


About Denise Meade-Hill

Denise is a Career Transition Coach supporting individuals through their professional development journey. She is passionate about helping career changers to find roles that fulfil their purpose as they prepare to thrive in their careers. Her Career Planner... take your next steps with confidence is a handy, easy to use resource to get you started on achieving your goals for professional change. Get your copy here.