Tick, tock… time to go!

You’ve decided that the time is right for you to move on but you’re unsure how to get that career change started.

Looking for a new job is challenging, no doubt about that. Looking for a new job while still employed is even more challenging since you are still committed to your existing job but trying to explore new opportunities while not necessarily giving the game away to your existing employer.

So, how will you approach taking that next step that you feel is right for you. As a ‘planner’, I believe that the best way to navigate big change, i.e. career change is to have a plan. As a coach, I help individuals navigate career change so here are six tips to get you on your way:

6 tips to kickstart and navigate career change.

  • Plan ahead – if possible, putting a 6-9 month plan in place will give you thinking and breathing space to explore the job market while allowing you to make the necessary adjustments in your personal life that may be affected by the change. Planning also facilitates an opportunity to extend your thinking around all the options that are available to you.
  • Decide – what type of change are you looking for? Is it a change of job, role or a complete pivot into a new industry or profession, or are you seeking a change of lifestyle? What would a successful career change look like for you? Many people who I have worked with seek a career change because they are looking for a professional role that provides them with a sense of purpose rather than plodding through a role that no longer energises them.
  • Test – in many roles it’s possible to explore your options before you make the leap. This is the time to review your networks and reach out for help. Perhaps securing a job shadow opportunity, attending a networking event or course could give you an insight into what it’s like to work in that area of interest.
  • Prepare –to take the leap you need to be prepared. This is a good time to review your CV and LinkedIn profile so that you are ready to apply when that opportunity comes along. Application dates are increasingly getting shorter so it’s vital to be able to be in a position to submit your CV when necessary.
  • Self-care – maintain your self-care throughout this time. Your physical and mental well-being will be essential in helping you to stay positive and focused with the demands of managing this time of change. Factor in time for rest and relaxation to avoid being consumed by the job search process.
  • Get help –enlist the help of family, friends, trusted colleagues, or a career coach. There is no need to struggle alone. Share your goals and invite your support team to join you on all or a part of the journey. Talking through your goals can help you to clarify your plans for change.

Until next time, go make your Transitions!

About Denise Meade-Hill

Denise is a Career Transition Coach supporting individuals through their professional development journey. She is passionate about helping career changers to find roles that fulfil their purpose as they prepare to thrive in their careers. Her Career Planner... take your next steps with confidence is a handy, easy to use resource to get you started on achieving your goals for professional change. Get your copy here. https://careertransitionsdmh.co.uk/career-planner/