Let your light shine!

As a candle lover, I was inspired by a talk given by Penny Power, Ecademy  during a Motivating Mum networking event, in which she used the analogy of the candle flame in illuminating our sense of fulfillment and self worth. Although it is recognised that the wax is vital to the flame, it is the flame that illuminates, adds value and brings joy.

This led me to reflect on the way many of us approach career and personal development. Too many people spend far too much of their time engaging in activities that cause them to become  stuck in the wax rather than investing in activities that would bring out their flame i.e. the part of them that really helps them to shine.

Many people have skills, abilities and capabilities which go unnoticed although they are really conscientious and eager to do a good job. They work hard and efficiently but they remain ineffective. The simple truth is that they have not focused on the things that would ignite the flame to let their light shine!

Taking time out to really look at the things that ignite you, the things that energize you and give  you a sense of self-worth is an activity that I would encourage everyone to do.  This could be done as part of your personal or professional development and will be the first step in getting you on your journey of discovery.

Let your light shine!




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