Our service provides support across the following areas:

Transitions Career ManagementStrengths Profile Assessment helps you to identify the skills that energises, that you use often and that you use well in work and personal life;

Transitions Career ManagementCareer Change, Career Management, Self-employment;

Transitions Career ManagementCareer Planning to guide and focus on the steps needed to achieve your goals;

Transitions Career ManagementLinkedIn profiling to help you connect in the professional online space;

Transitions Career ManagementCV Writing, Personal Statement preparation, Biography presentation;

Transitions Career ManagementGoal Setting and Action Planning to help keep you on track;

Transitions Career ManagementLabour Market Information guides your understanding of the opportunities available across industries and sectors;

Transitions Career ManagementJob Search guidance for effective steps to access job opportunities including the hidden job market;

Transitions Career ManagementNetworking hints and tips to expand your circle of contacts;

Transitions Career ManagementPersonal Branding to help you highlight your strengths;

Transitions Career ManagementInterview Skills preparation for engaging with the interviewer and making an impact in person or online;

Transitions Career ManagementAssessment Centre preparation;

Transitions Career ManagementFirst 30 days on the job preparation

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