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What is a career? 

 ….the sequence of employment-related positions, roles, activities and experiences encountered by a person,   John Arnold 1997.

Traditional thinking presents a career as following a specific employment path. However, each person's concept of “career” will depend on where they are in their life, their roles, their age and their experience. Perceptions may range from “a job” to “a series of roles" to "getting promotion" or linked to a specific 'job title or role'. So, as you can see, there is no one definition of 'a career' because no two people are the same in what they want from their working life. Your career experience is unique! 

As we all know a 'job for life' is increasingly no longer a reality and ongoing change in the job market requires that we become adaptable to new and varying job and life demands. This is why managing your career is a critical skill in determining your future direction and helping you to stay in control of your working life - whatever form that may take.

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